Cooper Creek Christian Church meets for worship every Sunday morning at 10am at the Fete Ballroom in Lakewood Ranch. Click here for directions and a map.

You love your kids. We love your kids. And we want to partner with you to help your kids know just how much Jesus loves them, too. Every Sunday, while “us grown-ups” use song, story, and other elements to recall the story of how God has loved us and rescued us through Jesus, our kids do the same thing in ways that make perfect sense to them! And there’s nothing more beautiful than the moment a child discovers even further just how wide and deep Jesus’ love for them is.

Back in May, author Drew Dyck shared this little thought via Twitter: “Flip the Olympic motto ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger,’ and you get a decent motto for the Christian life: ‘Slower, Lower, Weaker.’” And he's right, isn't he? As followers of Jesus – as a people who fear God – life is so often a sort of "upside-down” Olympics. When we wish to speed up, there stands God, holding up a hand, calling for a slowing down of things. When we want nothing more than to “lord it over someone,” along comes a stubborn call from Jesus to take a step down the proverbial ladder and serve instead. When we puff up our chests to declare just how strong we are – just how able we are to do this or that – the Spirit demands we surrender the bombast of our flesh and turn up the palms of our hands to receive divine strength, because great is our human weakness. With the Olympics unfolding in Rio – with so many of us gathering around TVs and computer screens to marvel at those in our world who are “faster, higher, and stronger” than most – it seems like a good time to explore the beauty and necessity of slowing down. Of lowering one’s self. Of confessing weakness. It seems like a good time to explore the way of the Christian. Join us August 7, 14, and 21, for our new teaching series, “Slower. Lower. Weaker.”

Sometimes you miss a Sunday here and there, and you still want to hear the teaching for the week. We've got you covered! Visit our Resources page to give a listen to the latest sermon – or to listen to sermons from days long gone. And on that same page, you can find our weekly reading and prayer plan. We feel there's real power to a church reading the same stretches of Scripture together, while praying the same prayer together. We’d love to have you join us in our devotional journey! And if you’ve been blessed by the ministry of The Creek, we would be deeply humbled – and terribly thankful – for any gift you feel led to give, so that we can continue being a blessing to the greater Sarasota/Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch area. To that end, you'll also find a link for on-line giving on our Resources page!