The Creek Christian Church meets for worship every Sunday morning at 10am at Braden River Elementary School. Click here for directions and a map.

You love your kids. We love your kids. And we want to partner with you to help your kids know just how much Jesus loves them, too. Every Sunday, while “us grown-ups” use song, story, and other elements to recall the story of how God has loved us and rescued us through Jesus, our kids do the same thing in ways that make perfect sense to them! And there’s nothing more beautiful than the moment a child discovers even further just how wide and deep Jesus’ love for them is.

Let's be honest: It's overwhelming, all the firm and fast beliefs about this, that, and the other that we feel – or are told – we have to figure out and carry about with us in life. But what if God's desire has always been for us to "carry only the essentials" – to travel light in life with regard to firm and fast beliefs? What if God is all right with us saying, "I don't know," about several things, as long as we say, "But this much I know," about a few things (that mean everything)? Starting October 16, and running to Christmastime, we're going to work hard to identify the essential beliefs we must carry with us in this life (and beyond), and we'll do so by asking a series of seven questions – questions about God, about us, and everything in between. Join us for our current teaching series, "Toward Traveling Light."